Oak Alley Plantation

When you first look upon Oak Alley Plantation, it's a home out of the movies. In this case, that statement is more true than anything. Oak Alley has appeared in films such as Primary Colors, Interview with the Vampire and more recently Stay Alive. But is such a beauty haunted?

Oak trees line the walk and frame the house, adding to its exterior appeal. Planted 300 years ago, they may have brought the same to another home owned by a French traveler. Jacques Telesphore Roman met and married Celina Pilie in 1834. They purchased the house in 1836 and Celina's father Joseph Pilie, an architect, possibly provided the design. The house took approximately two years to complete. In the end, Celina Roman named their beautiful home "Bon Sejour" but travelers dubbed it Oak Alley for the avenue of mighty oaks.

Jacques died in 1848 from tuberculosis, leaving Celina to manage the business affairs. She was inexperienced and her incessant spending helped begin the downslide for the Roman family among Creole Society. Henri, her only son, was forced to sell the plantation at auction in 1866 where John Armstrong purchased it. The family continued to live there for administrative purposes for awhile. In 1881, Portugal native and Confederate veteran Antoine Sobral bought Oak Alley. More than twenty years later, the plantation traded hands again. Many people tried to turn it into a respectable business but failed. In 1925, Andrew and Josephine Stewart bought and paid to restore the house. After two years, they realized it's historic value and open it to the public.

Many believe Celina Roman haunts Oak Alley. Did TAPS confirm these claims? If you consider a possibly entity on the 2nd floor balcony appearing on thermal, cold spots, and a K2 session supposedly with her as proof, then case close. But like any other reported haunted location, there isn't enough certainity in this field to back that up.


Colton said…
i do not believe in ghosts
Fayven Liu said…
I caught 3 orbs in one picture on the second floor lavender colored room. It was weird. I believe it was Mrs.Celina. So, I believe this haunting is real :3
Christopher C. said…
I know ghosts exist. I don't believe in ghosts, I KNOW THEY EXIST! A skeptic is just someone who refuses to believe in anything but their own first hand experiences. If they haven't experienced it, it doesn't exist!

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