Baseball Players Fear Haunted Hotel

What could possibly scare a big bad baseball player? Ghosts. Whenever the Minnesota Twins play in Milwaukee, they stay in the Pfister Hotel. They weren’t prepared for what the hotel had to offer. Matter of fact, on a previous stay, bizarre events had Outfielder Carlos Gomez dashing to the lobby minus pants and shoes. What is it about the Pfister Hotel that has them shaking in their cleats?

Guido Pfister and his son Charles opened the Pfister Hotel on May 1, 1893 as a “Grand Hotel of the West”. Costing over $1 million, it contained such features a fireproofing, electricity throughout the hotel and thermostats in every room. Over the years, the hotel’s overall condition slightly deteriorated until 1962. Ben Morgan purchased the Pfister vowing to restore it to its former beauty. Such renovations were indeed completed including a new 23-story guest room tower and an extensive art collection.

The one spirit most often seen at The Pfister is Charles Pfister himself. He is spotted surveying the lobby from the Grand Staircase, making sure all guests are well taking care of. Another spirit is seen strolling through the minstrel's gallery above the ballroom and passing through the storage area on the ninth floor. Those who have seen the portrait of Charles Pfister swear it is the same person. Either way, nothing malevolent roams the halls of The Pfister. Although, whenever ballplayers stay, it’s mischievous side tends to make an appearance. Some believe the ghost may be a Brewers fan.


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