Wallabies Creating Crop Circles

There are many theories concerning crop circles. Some think aliens are responsible. Others believe most are human made. However, crop circles in Tasmania, Australia are supposedly the product of stoned wallabies. You read that correctly. Stoned wallabies.

Australia supplies around 50% of the world’s legally-grown opium used for morphine and other painkillers. One pest they are concerned with are wallabies eating the opium poppies. The attorney general for the island state the wallabies get high off the poppies and make crop circles. Other animals such as sheep and cows have reported displaying the same behavior after eating poppies.

Honestly, I don’t think I could make this up. A lot of things have been blamed for crop circles but animals high on opium is a new one for me. I did an extensive internet search for photos of their handiwork but found none. Crop circles are known to have elaborate designs. I don’t think stoned wallabies are capable of being in the same league. So, I don’t see this as a huge mystery at least not without pictures to prove otherwise.

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