Octomom Says House is Haunted

Nadya Suleman a.k.a. Octomom burst in to the spotlight with news of her octuplets, a birth so rare there is only one other documented case of a full set born alive. These eight babies are an addition to the six other children she has also through in-vitro fertilization. Since the news broke, Nadya’s every move and decision has been scrutinized by the public. One of her latest claims have been rather…paranormal.

The house in which her father bought for her with donated funds may have already had a resident inhabiting it. Nadya claims there is a new child living in her home, of the ghost variety. She says she has heard a child whispering “Mommy” on occasions. States one of her friends has been touched by this entity. Felt someone pull on her leg. Supposedly, there is one room, the nannies room, that remains cold the majority of the time. One of her nannies have heard noises and saw a child run in to an upstairs bedroom. Upon inspection, the room was empty.

To be honest, if it were anyone else, I would say this is something that should be looked in to further. Nadya went straight to a celebrity website with this. Even had a camera crew tour the places where this “entity” has been seen and heard. I’d be more inclined to believe her if she wasn’t seeking media attention all the time. She says her belief in God doesn’t allow her to believe in ghosts. As far as I know, she doesn’t have a job and is on public assistance programs. She’s talking about wasting the taxpayers money on twenty Bibles to place around her house. She needs to be putting that money towards the fourteen kids she chose to have.

Whether her house IS really haunted or not, I don’t know. No one is going to believe her if she continues to do and say crazy things.


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