The Othersiders

It seems the latest paranormal TV trend is targeting the younger demographic. The latest show is The Othersiders on the Cartoon Network. It’s formatted similar to Ghost Hunters with teenagers. Their latest investigation took place at the Morey Mansion.

Morey Mansion was built by David and Sarah Morey in 1890. The house was financed from the profits of Sarah’s citrus tree nursery. Being a former ship builder, David put his carpentry skills to use, constructing many of the mansion Victorian features. Over the years, the mansion fluctuated between being a private residence to it’s current status as a bed and breakfast. There are several apparitions that have been spotted here including a young girl, a former caretaker and a young boy.

The Othersiders investigation ended with a possible orb, a thermal hotspot on a portion of a railing and mirror, and the initials “S.M.” appearing on a mirror. They concluded with a majority vote that the Morey Mansion is haunted. I find this a Catch-22 situation. I think everyone has a right to their opinion based on their own experiences. Obviously not everyone is going to agree on the subject. However, I don’t think a location should be declared haunted by majority vote. It should be based on experience and knowledge of the subject. These kids investigate in a professional manner but still bring a child-like nature to it.

Overall, I say it’s a good show for the kids, but I think I’ll stick to Ghost Hunters.

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