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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Hoia-Baciu Forest

The third season of Destination Truth premieres on Wednesday, September 9th. In this case, Josh Gates will be pulling double least on TV. He'll first assist TAPS in their investigation of New Jersey's Essex County Jail. Then, on DT, he'll search for a sprite-like creature called the alux in Mexico but not before checking out another haunted forest. Who could pass up visiting a location dubbed "Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania"?

Hoia-Baciu Forest gained fame when pioneer HBF researcher and biologist Alexandru Sift revealed pictures of a disc-shaped object flying over the forest on August 18, 1968. This sighting was only one of many. Some are visible while others are not. There is even a place within the forest called the "round field" which is believed to be a landing spot for UFOs and is protected by ghosts. That's right. Ghosts also reside at HBF. Some say the woods is a spirit in itself.

Trees grow in the weird shapes, some contain not a spot of green on them. This anomaly also translates to plants and some animals. The wind is said to whisper. Some believe it possesses mythical energies. In certain active zones humans have been known to acquire rashes, headaches, anxiety, burns, sickness and thirst. If you enter the forest with evil thoughts, you may never walk back out again. Although, people who have evil in their heart or mind may not be the only ones who should fear disappearing in the HBF.

Hoia-Baciu Forest contains a gateway to another dimension. No one knows when or where it opens, but believe it does indeed exist. A woman walks in to the forest. Time suddenly stops and she disappears for a short while. The next thing she knows the woman reappears with a piece of ancient history in her pocket. There are reports of a five-year-old girl who vanished in the forest. Five years later, she reappeared wearing the exact same clothing and no memory of what happened.

This is but only a glimpse of what the forest contains. Here's hoping Josh and his team doesn't get "lost". The season would be over before it even starts.
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