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Reader Submission - I have Seen the Night Marchers

This is a story sent in by Christl. Night Marchers are primarily a Hawaiian legend but this story comes from the Netherlands Antilles:

"One night me a boyfriend and another couple went to the beach to have fun. The other couple drove themselves and soon we were in our own cars. Suddenly I see torches on top of the mountain. I figure campers were up there or people doing Voodoo. I did not think anything of it. As I look further I see people walking from on top of the hill coming down in a like large zigzag winding march. It was dark so I could not see where they were coming from, but they were a lot of them walking slowly down the hill to the beach. They also walked in perfect line, but not like military style. As if something was keeping them herded together. Each being, was walking and talking like they were strolling along the beach. They seemed young and cool looking and dressed. There must have been more that a million of them.

The boyfriend I was with was from the area, so I had asked him if the hill those folks were walking from was passable by humans, and he said no only goats. I told him ok, so they are not humans! Maybe they are friendly I told him as I was trying to look at the leader in the eye trying to gauge if he was friendly or not. To my surprise he came straight at me. I saw his eyes were like fire. Where the pupil should be was a flame on both eyes, and it did not look friendly. So I told my friend to step on it! We were trying to get away. I remember being in the car driving away not looking back, but I do not remember anything after that. I do not remember talking to my friends after wards about it, I do not remember getting home or how I got home. I just do not remember.

The only reason why I remember anything at all, was because after several years after the incidence i had returned to area. I was at a vacation home and I was terrified of something and I could not sleep. I had no idea why I could not sleep. And than suddenly it hit me! I was so scared! Something about the moon that evening had something to do with it too I believe. I stayed up told my sister the story. Now she could not sleep lol. You see, for many years I had no recollection of that night. To this day my friends that were with me do not remember that night either. The most interesting thing about this is that after that night we were all like scattered away from each other. I lived in Texas, my other friend in St Maarten, the one now lives in Curacao, and the other in The Netherlands. If that night has something to do with that I do not know. I do not believe I was not suppose to remember that night. I believe they may have done something to us that we have blocked out.

I can give you a description of the leaders. The ones that were in the front row. They were 3. The one in the middle is the one that came straight at me, and the two that were one either side of him kept walking with there torches leading the group away across the beach. The leader looked like a big muscular very dirty blond long haired viking warrior. He had a metallic shielded clothing and boots, but his stomach was exposed, and his arms and legs. He was moving like he was going to attack us. He may have too!

They look alive to me. They seem to be able to walk through terrain, and objects we could not. I do not believe that these are the same that march in Hawaii, since I am in a totally different part of the world. Than again who knows. Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience. If you have anyone else who has experienced something similar please share with me also. I would like to put the pieces together to find out what really happened to us that night."


Anonymous said...

woah. epic.

-mapu sisoa

Anonymous said...

Total BS.. You never seen them. If get caught, you become one of them. And the leader in the front of the marchers is the King. So nice try.. You must be a Haole from the mainland. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah. No. If your boyfriend was from the area he would have known. You wouldn't have been able to look him in the eye and live. Nice try. BS story.

a Haole from the mainland said...

Dear Anonymous commenter,


Anonymous said...

Maybe not the Night Marchers of Hawaii, but warrior spirits also march elsewhere in this world.

Anonymous said...

That is bullshit cause you can't looked them in the eye and you have to lay down flat while being naked for they can't notice you.and I'm from the mainland but I have family out on the big island.I miss the ahuna family but yea this story is a lie.

Anonymous said...

None of you know what she may have saw and it might have not been the night marcher but I believe in them and she very possibly could have seen then.

Anonymous said...

She couldn't have seen the night marchers because if she did and if she looked them in the eye she becomes one of them. Im from the islands especially if you look them in the eye you're done for. You have to lie face Down you don't have to be naked though because I dealt with this before. I stayed there for 4 hours until the drums and the marching stopped

Anonymous said...

Total BS this is a lie how did you live and they didn't have metal also how can you see the chiefs eye from a distance then forget and then tell us now

Anonymous said...

It is a chilly story...even if it isnt true thanks for telling the story

Anonymous said...

Hey I saw a ghost too or so my friend did! Called the man with no head, Late at night my friend was staying up watching tv and she saw a creepy man with no head staring straight at her luckily she ran upstairs turned on the lights and never saw him again, Her neighbors saw him too but he was in a different form, apparently an old man died from a housefire and angrily haunts every newcomer with their worst fear because he wants revenge, Luckily I never saw him though!
I believe they may be true, But I know somebody has seen a ghost hell my mama saw an angel! Two!
Her grandpa, and her dead friend I forgot his name, but she was 4 when he died, Ghosts are real and in separate forms Angels or demons, My ghost I may have saw one night was an angel, Well she was waving at me! Lol now thinking about it here's a joke I heard an ice cream truck from my neighborhood and it wasn't there!

Anonymous said...

What was the area of Curacao called?
I know the island and would like to go there.

Sultan Umer said...

If ghosts, poltergeists are every continent then why is this no stotys of them being in Antarctica.

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