Reader Submission - Kimmer Place

The below story was sent in by a person who wants to remain anonymous:

"My tale takes place in the woods of South Carolina. There is a house we call the Kimmer place. I don't have any of its history. The only thing I can tell you is its definitely haunted. When I first arrived there, everything seemed normal. I had heard the tales about the place but I was not so sure of the existence of ghosts. First, doors started opening by themselves and voices could be heard around the house. Behind the house, the woods were so thick you could barely see anything but it felt like you were being watched. Not long after I caught a glimpse of a figure.

I suppose it was some kind of apparition. I decided to do my own E.V.P work and after listening to it on better speakers than on my computer I was able to hear the name Nathan being yelled which oddly enough was my brother in law's name who was with me during my investigation. Upon hearing this my brother in law decide that he was going to get saved and become a Christian. I'm sure my story sounds a bit far fetched but I assure you it's all true."

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