Millers Church

In Hagerstown, Maryland, a church once stood named Millers Church. Built in the 1930s, the establishment began as a catholic place of worship. The warmth of God was soon replaced by the dark practices of Satanists, including alleged sacrifices of young girls, until the church burned down years later.

One night, a young couple parked on the church grounds. After participating in the wonders of teen love, the guy turned the key in the ignition. Car wouldn't start. He told his girlfriend to stay in the car and lock all the doors while he went for help. He climbed out of the car and began walking down the road. Upon his return, the car doors were still locked but his girlfriend disappeared. The guy searched the surroundings. His quest would end short. Hanging from a nearby Oak tree was his girlfriend.

Some say at night you can see a figure hanging from that tree. Witnesses have reported being chased by a phantom hearse. Supposedly, the hearse drives by once. Upon a second passing, the hearse or spirits within chase away anyone on the church grounds. However, locals have stated a nearby neighbor owns a hearse and uses it to scare away mischievous kids. Others say its not a neighbor but a history teacher at a local high school. Either way, proceed with caution.


hitsukitty said…
Does anyone know the name of the girl who hanged herself? My husband and I did a spirit box session by the tree and asked her name and we heard Maria

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