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Quija boards sold as toys. Good or bad idea? Why?


Julie said…
Considering that friends of mine have had scary experiences after using a Ouija board, maybe it should stay out of the hands of children. However, since I have not had any weird things happen after using a board, it could be considered just a game. There I go again... I just can't make up my mind and didn't really answer the question, lol.
~above the norm~
NERIPSangie said…
Awful idea. Before I explain my opinion, here's some background on myself. I'm a very progressive, liberal 24yr old woman with a sociology B.A. and no religious views whatsoever. That said, my belief in the paranormal lies in the "energy can neither be created or distroyed" theory. It has to go somewhere. Even if the intent is good, who knows who or what energy is going to answer your question. Anyhoo, great question. that got me excited. I look forward to reading more.
Andrea Allison said…
I never owned a quija board much less used one. Don't plan on ever buying one. I've heard/read good and bad stories concerning this and really don't want to take a chance.
Anonymous said…
Bad idea!!!!!!! You may open a door that you are unable to close!
noxid25 said…
I tried it once and it scared the you know what out of me. I will never do it again and will not allow one in my house.
I would never advise anyone to buy them.

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