A Monk Who Walks on Water

Millions have seen Illusionist Criss Angel walk on water. However, in Boston, Lincolnshire UK, the spirit of a monk has been seen walking across a swimming pool. Of course, this monks' talents are probably more residual than entertainment for visitors.

In the late 13th Century, friars migrated to the booming town of Boston. There were four orders: the Dominicans or black friars (named for the color of their robes), Franciscan or grey friars, Carmelites and Austins or Augustines. St. John's Hospital was run by an order of monks called the Knights Hospitaller and cared for the poor and sick. In the mid-16th Century, Henry VIII closed all the friaries.

The Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex's swimming pool is adjacent to Boston Grammar School field. In this field, archaeologists have uncovered a burial site believed to be linked to one of the ancient friaries that once stood in the town of Boston. If indeed it was part of a friary, this may explain why the monk seen not only walking across the swimming pool but also through walls. A little girl is also witnessed haunting the halls of the building. Rooms that are usually humid suddenly turn icy col and mugs in the admin office have reportedly smashed themselves.

A local paranormal group, Lincolnshire Paranormal Investigators, performed a recent investigation at the Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex. They feel confident their efforts have produced evidence to prove the two spirits existence. This evidence includes a photograph of what appears to be a friar standing near the swimming pool. I'm not sure if the photo is authentic especially since they sent their evidence to a UK paranormal show. Sounds a little fishy to me.

To view the photo check out the Our Strange World article: http://www.ourstrangeworld.net/index.php/main/article/a_ghost_does_the_back_stroke/


Above the Norm said…
Weird indeed...I'm not sure what to think of the picture. The story is fascinating.

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