King Tut Mysteries Solved

Josh Gates and the Destination Truth team investigated the curse linked to King Tut's tomb. Now, just in time for the latest TV special about the boy king, results from DNA tests and CT scans have been announced. After two years, it has been determined that King Tutankhamun suffered greatly during his short life.

The frail boy possessed a cleft palate, a club foot and a weakened immune system due to congenital diseases. His death was a result of complications from a broken leg exacerbated by a case of malaria. Many scientists long believed this to be the cause of death. Although, some speculated he was murdered when a hole in his skull was discovered, but a 2005 CT scan ruled that out as a possibility.

The revelations doesn't stop there. The boy's parents were most likely brother and sister. Marriages between brothers and sisters were common among Egypt's pharaohs. His father has been determined to be Akhenaten. His mother has been pinpointed to be one of Akhenaten's sisters but yet not identified as to which one. Inbreeding played a major role in his genetics as children with parents closely related are prone to genetic problems. It is believed the destruction of his bone in his left foot led to him using walking sticks. A total of 130 were found in his tomb, some show signs of use.

The study will be published on Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association. However, you catch the two part Discovery Channel series King Tut Unwrapped on Sunday February 21st and Monday, February 22nd at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central.

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