Reminder Sunday

You have 23 days to submit to the Ghost Stories Carnival March edition. Your submission must be in by 11 pm Central. Pick your best post between February 3rd and March 1st and submit it. No registration required. Must be paranormal related.

As some of you may know, the commenting system I've been using for almost four years, Haloscan, is shutting down or rather upgrading and merging a paying site. Something along those lines. I've been in the process of having to save all comments made here manually prior to switching back to Blogger comments. I could look for a different commenting system but I figured it would probably be safer to switch to Blogger. I'm a little over a hundred comments away from having them all save and should make the switch either tomorrow or Tuesday. Then, I'll start the daunting task of copying and pasting comments in to Blogger. I'll be so glad when I'm finished with all this.


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