If you think you've never laid eyes on this ghoulish nocturnal animal, you might be wrong. Many people all over the world watched the creature play out a comedic way of life on film screens in animated form. Children know the aye-aye from the character Maurice in the movie Madagascar. However, in real life, the creature is facing some fatal realities of life.

It's mere appearance and nature may have led to its "near threatened" status. The Aye-Aye ways between four to six pounds with dark eyes, long fingers (the middle being longer than the rest) and overall devilish appearance. They live high in the trees of the Madagascar rain forest where they build nests of twigs and leaves and only feast on insect larvae. They don't fear humans. Their curiousity sometimes leads them to their deaths.

Villagers believe seeing an aye-aye means you will soon die. According to legend, the aye-aye is thought to sneak into the dwellings of nearby villagers and use its middle finger to pierce the hearts of sleeping humans.Thus, when one spotted, their encounter with humans often follows immediately by death despite being protected by law. This combined with deforestation causes this unique creature's numbers to dwindle. If something is not done, they may eventually meet extinction.


Above the Norm said…
Cute as a cartoon but not so much in real life. They are an interesting little creature.
Marianne Arkins said…
I think they're awfully cute, with their big ole eyes... but I have a soft spot for the lemur family.
There has never been a attack on a person

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