Paddy Reilly's Pub

Paddy Reilly was born in Dublin, Ireland on October 18th, 1939. Among his Irish brethren, he is known as the country's most famous balladeers. For years, he performed as a solo artist in public establishments such as The Embankment and the Ballad Lounge. With the success of such songs as "The Fields of Athenry" and "The Town I Loved So Well", Reilly toyed with the idea of opening a few pubs.

One such pub named after the famous folk singer is located on the corner of 29th St and 2nd Ave in New York City. Paddy Reilly's Pub was opened in 1985 by an Irish footballer from Cavan, Ireland. The small establishment provides customers with the warmth and atmosphere of Ireland. Such bands as Black 47, The Prodigals and The Mickey finns have performed on its stage. Paddy Reilly once owned the pub but has since passed the buck to former partner Steve Duggan.

Reilly went on to replace Ronnie Drew in The Dubliners in 1996 until 2005 when he left the group. He still owns several bars in New York. Paddy Reilly's Pub still provides customers an authentic Irish experience. However, will the sightings of a ghostly apparition, whispers and shadows discourage visitors from wanting a taste of Ireland's charm or make the pub popular than ever?

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Above the Norm said…
Cool, another place to visit the next time I am in NY.
Anonymous said…
Paddy Reilly's is not haunted, but it is owned by a clever little chiseler who'll do anything to drum up business.
Courtney Mroch said…
Andrea, WOOT! I'm researching haunted pubs and needed some info on this place. SO happy I found it via your blog! THANK YOU!!!! (your post from last year ended up helping me and you didn't even know it!)
Andrea Allison said…
Glad I could help, Courtney.

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