GS Question of the Week

Do you think someone with an unusual status such as psychic, medium, or even paranormal investigator could ever be elected president? Why or why not?


Sue St Clair said…
Here in Canada we have had a Prime Minister who regularly consulted mediums, and astrologers, and another who held séances and claimed to be able to communicate with his deceased mother. Granted that was in era before the internet, and their beliefs were not so widely known by voters. Today, I think a person's beliefs especially if they are considered fringe would be used against them by their opponents, and they'd be shredded round the globe via Twitter before they even had a chance to discuss their political ideas and beliefs. It's a shame, but I'd say no.
Anonymous said…
Since social structure began rulers have been consulting the stars, the planets,the tea leaves, seers and more...........
In my opinion as soon as the paranormal has been widely socially accepted then those in power will feel politically correct to admitting their awareness and practices. The rise of awareness of the paranormal genre fuelled by popular TV progs and the media in general means that we won't have to wait long for a psychic president!

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