MonsterQuest is a series on The History Channel which explores the field of cryptozoology. Unlike Destination Truth, their style is more documentary than entertaining. Each week they tackle a subject for example Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster and try to explain the monster with science: interview witnesses, test evidence, etc. Probably one of the most professional paranormal shows on the air.

Unfortunately, it may have hit a snag. After four seasons, there are rumors circulating the web of its pending cancellation. Supposedly, MonsterQuest is on a short list of shows in danger of not being renewed. I haven't found anything from The History Channel confirming these rumors, but it would be a shame if they did give it the ax. It's refreshing to have something paranormal on TV that sticks to the facts and not so worried about the entertainment value. I mean it is The History Channel. It's not like you're going to switch on the channel and find George Lopez doing stand-up comedy.

Whether or not MonsterQuest is in danger of being canceled, let The History Channel know what you think about it:


Autumnforest said…
Absolutely love that show!! I was so broken-heated when "UFO Hunters" was cancelled. I just wish someone would make a "Bigfoot Hunters" show. It could feel a lot like Blair Witch with sounds in the woods, people camping, darkness and spookiness. Nearly everyone is unsettled when camping, imagine if they were looking for BF? It's on my wish list.

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