GS Question of the Week

How useful do you think full spectrum cameras are in paranormal investigations?


Autumnforest said…
Good question. I find them dubious, but that's because they have the capacity to pick up so many things that discerning what might be paranormal and what might be normal is nearly impossible. It's much the same for audio recorders. They're receiving devices and they can pick up walkies, cell phones, satellite phones, all sorts of signals that can blip in and out, so what is a ghost voice and what is man-made? We really have no efficacious tools in ghost hunting yet, except for the human body which seems to be a bit better at telling when something is amiss.
Above the Norm said…
If used right, they can be a great asset to a ghost hunters arsenal. But, there is still so much to learn about them such as what exactly are they picking up. Like Autumn said, is it paranormal or not?

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