Buyer Found for Amityville House

In late May, the infamous "Amityville Horror" house went up for sale with a $1.5 million price tag. Over two months later, a buyer was found. The Dutch Colonial at 108 Ocean Ave. was made famous by The Amityville Horror book and movies as well as being the site of the 1974 DeFeo murders.

The five-bedroom, 3.5-bath home went through extensive renovations including the boathouse, the bulk head, the central air conditioning, the gas heating system, the roof, the windows, the sprinkler system, the central stereo system, the deck and the patio by the current owners. Former owners changed the well known address from 112 Ocean Ave. to guard their privacy.

The house went in to contract this week. However, rumors dictate they live and are active in the community. It is believed the buyers are retirees David D'Antonio and his wife but neither has made a comment to confirm or deny it. At this time, this has not been confirmed. Details on how much was offered for the property has also not been released. Not all houses in contract make it to closing. There may still be hope for those looking to purchase the house that inspired a horror movie franchise.


GL said…
Bummer. I kind of wanted these guys ( to buy it.

At least someone from the community is buying (if the reports that D'Antonio is the buyer are accurate, that is).
Daniel said…
I think someone was talking about this on

They said the house was gonna be a bed and breakfast?
Ste said…
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Allen Richards said…
I'm surprised to know that the most dreaded house has been finally sold out. I have watched a movie and a documentary made on this "haunted" house. Then I was wondering whether this house would be sold out in future.

I hope the new owners will not be haunted by ghosts. Thanks for the update on this popular (?) house.

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