Conjuring the Ghost of a Dead Motorcyclist

Lemon Tree Passage in Newcastle, New South Wales Australia is increasing becoming dangerous thanks to an alleged ghost. Port Stephens police are issuing more and more warnings to motorists driving 180km/h on this stretch of road, attempting to conjure the spirit of a 20-year-old motorcyclist.

Supposedly, a 20-year-old Salt Ash man died in a motorcycle accident at Tanilba Bay in Port Stephens. He and his male passenger were riding on Lemon Tree Passage Road when they collided with a four-wheel drive in November 2007. Now, legend dictates, if you travel along Lemon Tree Passage Road at incredibly high speeds, a light will appear in pursuit of people who drive dangerously. More and more people are testing this legend in order to film it for YouTube (do I smell a future episode of Fact or Faked?).

There are some who have tested the myth without the excessive speed and have seen the "ghost light". One should use their head. If you travel over a 100km/h to see a ghost light, you're likely to join it in the afterlife. If you live in this part of Australia or are planning to visit there, please DO NOT try to prove this legend fact. Obey all laws of the road.


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