Rataskaevu Residence Hotel

"Once upon a time, an older man, tall in nature and dressed in black, entered in to the Rataskaevu Residence Hotel a.k.a. The Old House in the 16th Century. He approached the landlord inquiring about obtaining an apartment for a wedding. He offered to pay the landlord a substantial amount of money if one condition was met. Under no circumstances could the landlord enter, approach, or peek in on this utmost secret affair.

The landlord was broke and near suicidal. He eagerly agreed to the man's terms and offered him Apartment 6. Late in to the night, the landlord heard loud noises, people going up and down the stairs and ungodly racket from Apartment 6. He became intrigued to see why this wedding was cloaked in secrecy. He approached the door to Apartment 6. Falling to bended knee, he peered through the keyhole. What he saw would haunt him to the day he died. He fled from the door in sheer panic. He told his wife of what he witnessed. He said to her it was the devil. The Devil's Wedding. Soon after, the landlord died."

This legend has been attached to Rataskaevu 16 for centuries. It's unsure as to whether or not there's any truth to it. The late gothic styled building was constructed in 1370 by German merchants. Since then, has been owned by various famous Tallinn residents including Verner Duding, Hans Rotert, Hans Hothus, and Henricus Tunder. It is now owned by the National Heritage of Tallinn and was renovated in 2003. During the remodel, several items were found hidden in the walls, including coins, documents and, in one wall in the back of the Sushi House restaurant, which occupies the same building, human bones were allegedly uncovered in what’s now the employees’ room.

People passing this house late at night have heard unexplainable party noises. Supposedly, they only stopped because an owner, tired of the complaints, bricked up the window, but some say it was loud footsteps that led to this action. Is the Rataskaevu Residence Hotel really haunted or has there been too much fuel put in to this legend?


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