Dragon Creed Review

Daverana Enterprises, April 6, 2010
eBook, 102 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-9826959-2-0
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Farquarte found himself as an apprentice without a mentor. As a last resort to save himself from starvation, he turned to the only dragon in the country. Old, lonely and crippled, Fechum the dragon reluctantly took him on for odd jobs around his cave. Rules and regulations concerning magical creatures (and to save his own skin from execution) led to Farquarte making the jump from human to dragon in human form. Then, his desires became the same as any Reptilians Dragonus....gold. An act of patricide and a twist of fate would lead Farquarte down a magical road filled with dwarves, elves, ghosts and the royal government to establish his new life.

I like a book that can make you think. We talk about the possibilities of creatures like the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. Have you ever wondered what would happen if one was found, particularly alive? In the right hands, it would be protected. Treated with respect. in the wrong hands, exploited for every dime one could milk out of it. Dragon Creed really plays around with this ideology. Fechum is an intelligent creature who knows just how to capitalize on the Royal greed. Nessie wouldn't have a chance. Dragon Creed is the first book in a series of six or seven. In Book one, the reader follows the journey of Farquarte's transformation from human to dragon, laughing at every failed attempt to get this so called "sea legs".

Susie Hawes presents a very light and comical approach to oppression. I liked the storyline and characters to the point I can overlook the occasional spelling and grammar slip ups and plot and character holes. You barely notice them as you get pulled in to the story. It has my recommendation to any and all looking for a little dragon fun.


Jessica Penot said…
Sounds Good. I'll try this one. Thanks for the write up

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