Paulding Light

Brown Mountain, Hornet, Marfa all have something in common. Mysterious lights appear at night and have left scientists baffled for many years. The first reported sighting was in 1966 by a carload of teenagers. In Paulding, Michigan, one such light exist. Is it headlights from a car? An airplane? A natural phenomena? It's true origins may or may not but unknown but sustains certain characteristics. The Light appears every night on Robins Pond Road. Some say it sits in a fixed position and changes shape. Others claim it moves. Some have described it being white, red, green or blue in color (red and white being the most common). If you walk or drive to the light's location, it vanishes. With an unknown phenomena comes various legends to explain it.

Some believe a railroad switch man, lantern in hand, was crushed to death between two cars while attempting to signal the train's engineer. Now, he is bound by that railroad tracks (which doesn't exist anymore) forever signaling those who pass by. Or perhaps it wasn't an accident. Maybe he was murdered.

Then again, if it is ghost, who's to say its that of a railroad switch man. Some think it's the ghost of a mail carrier. One day traveling by dog sledding he was mysteriously slain. All took place around a hundred years ago. If not a ghost, why not aliens? They seem to be responsible for a lot of the world's unknown phenomena.

And of course, what would a legend be if a variation didn't include the death of children. There's a story of two children, a boy and a girl, playing on the train tracks. They used lanterns to guide their way during this foggy night. A train approached them but they didn't hear it. Didn't even know of its existence until it was within a close proximity to their location and too late to do anything. They both died. The girl's head was decapitated. The boy was crushed under the train. The boy still goes back there every night to look for his beloved sister's head, using a lantern.

Syfy's Fact or Faked took on the task of explaining the lights and failed to find one. Do you think with enough research and/or experiments, the enigma of the Paulding Light will be put to rest?


Anonymous said…
i had heard about that light before and saw that episode. i was so hoping they would find an explanation. oh well the mystery continues.

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