Reader Submission - A Family's Variety of Experiences

The following story was sent in by Sarah:

This is a ghost story about my cousin's house years ago when she was about 6 (she's now almost 14 and I'm 16). My Aunt Bernadette, uncle, and cousins Jessie (9), Austin (3) and Emily (6). Well anyways, she one day when I was spending the night with her (my family was always there or I spent the night there a lot) in her house was telling me that there were ghost in her home. I didn't believe her and told her she was lying. Not sure how long after that she told me about her ghosts I was at her house sometime near Halloween time and my uncle had a grim reaper that scared me on the door leading down to the basement. So I walked fast downstairs and halfway down there I heard the adults playing with the pool table. I heard the pool balls hitting together and laughing. Well as I got to the bottom and turn around to see where the table was, no one at all was down there! I was so scared I ran upstairs and saw that every one was outside or in the family room upstairs.

This was before the pool table thing. My Aunt Megan was 15-16 at the time and was living with my Aunt Bernadette, uncle, and 3 cousins. My older cousin who was the same age as me and my aunt had their rooms in the basement. My older cousin has a room and beside his was my aunts. But at the time there was only sheets surrounding her "room" (they were going to build a wall around it). My aunt Megan, Emily and I was in her room and it was very dark in it and we were all alone down there. She was telling me about the ghost in the house. I said there's no such thing and she told us that there was a hand that would imprint on the sheets going all around her "room" which scared the crap out of me.

The next one was the MOST terrifying to me. I was spending the night with Emily and we were laying down on the bottom bunk bed and the lights were off and she told me that she would sometimes see a black body bag behind her door (her door was open) and I was kinda scared to be there in her house because of the 2 encounters, but anyway I was trying to sleep while Emily was already fast asleep, then all of a sudden I saw a black figure slowly appear behind her a shadow laying down. I just watch it for 7 mins and then I saw it move and look more man shaped. I was dead scared so I shook Emily to awake her and told her that there's a body behind her door,but she just yelled at me and said just don't worry about it because it goes away after a while.

So 3 mins more later I stare at it and realize I have to pee really bad, but I was terrified to get up. So I ran out the door without looking behind the door and use the bathroom. When I'm done I was scared to go back in to my cousins room, so I just stood there. Then I got brave and ran into her bed getting myself under the covers and looking back behind the door saw nothing but the floor. It was gone so I slowly drift into sleep.

Other little things happen like radios turned on/off by themselves and things missing or moved. I remember one time in Emily's room we were playing barbies and she had porcelain dolls on the shelf. They would move their heads when you looked away, but for some reason never scared me. Emily and Jessie would see in the basement a black and white colored guy in a old prison uniform from long ago and he wore a heavy ball with a chain attached at his foot. They said he would just look at them and smile.

The next thing happen to my uncle who did not believe in ghost until something happen to him. He was in Emily's room cleaning up her toys or something and looked in to her closet were her toy box was. Not sure exactly what he saw but there was something in her toys moving and he said it was a demon looking thing. My whole family are Christians and all these experiences scared everyone. My great Uncle Eddie was an exorcist and blessed the house when my Aunt Bernadette was there. They (Eddie and aunt) walked around their house saying prayers and stuff from the bible and they heard loud yelling from the basement. It was the ghost yelling in pain from the bible verses. I'm not sure if God is real but this experience makes me wonder.

Ghost have been in my family ever since my mom and aunt were kids, but I'll write about that some other time. =]


Jessica Penot said…
Very Creepy!

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