Free Pizza Delivered to Cemeteries, UK’s leading takeaway delivery marketplace, has launched a new scheme which will see pizzas and curries being delivered to spooky burial grounds around the UK between the hours of 6pm and midnight on Halloween for free. The promotion was developed after learning through a survey the number of odd locations food is delivered to including The Ritz hotel in London, a slimming organization in Nottingham and a graveyard in north London.

Graeme Horne, marketing manager for, said: "For every order we get that includes the word 'graveyard' in the order comments box delivered to graveyards or cemeteries across the UK, we will reimburse the cost of the takeaway to ensure that hungry fright seekers are at least well fed!"

Those in the UK looking to take advantage of this offer need to make sure that they check the restaurants (2500 to choose from) which are part of the marketplace. Users need to know the postcode of the graveyard so that the correct information can be used when ordering the takeaway. Choose the meal they want. The word "graveyard" needs to be included in the online comment box. Payment will be refunded upon delivery.


Ron said…
Hmm, pizza in a graveyard.... "Hey, that's not a mushroom, it's an eyeball! Ewwwwww!" Trick or treat!
Rosemary Breen said…
I love the Brit's sense of humour and this shows it off beautifully. Im nit sure that they celebrate Halloween in quite the same way that North Americans do and so, this can probably be regarded as a 'no-brainer' marketing ploy. And good on them!
Ken said…
Pizza! Yum! Perfect for Halloween!
Jamie Fox said…
That's completely awesome. I would love it if they had something like that here in the states. It would make the paranormal twice as fascinating!

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