Imprint Review

Vanguard Press, May 27, 2008
Paperback, 74 pages
ISBN: 978-1843864189
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Imprint delves in to the world of reincarnation. The narrator, Hercular Rose, enters in to the Library of Souls and takes a trip six former lives. She gains a piece of enlightenment with every page she turns in her soul journal. Will she gain the knowledge to make her whole and move on?

The first time I read a fiction book by a writer that is spiritual I wasn't impressed. I won't be saying the same for this one. Annie Frame is a clairvoyant medium, Amara Reiki master and holds teaching and psychology qualifications. Imprint doesn't overly preach at you. As a reader, you become enthralled with the character reliving her past lives.

However, there were a few drawbacks for me. The descriptions are a bit touch and go. In some areas, they're rather strong and others, the same word is repeated so much it becomes a turn off. There's a couple of hiccups in consistency character name wise. The main issue is with the length of the book. I don't recall often wanting a book to be longer than it was. Imprint is a rather quick read being under 100 pages, but I feel the book would have been just that much better if it was longer. The main character's experience reliving each drawn out more. As is, each chapter is more like a snapshot.

This isn't to say the book loses massive points in readability. Furthest from the truth. I put it down wanting more without a huge sense of disappointment, a good trait to possess for a debut novel. I find myself quite looking forward to reading and reviewing Frame's second novel, The Quiet Road.


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