Reader Submission - In Memory Of....

The following story comes to you from Angie:

My freedom-loving friend Rob invited me to visit his hide away out in the country. A one room building out in the country just on the fringe of the woods and growing fields to take pictures for my websites.

On this cool evening we arrived at our destination around 5:30pm. After leaving the building we entered outside to a meeting circle which lies behind the dwelling. Rob raked the dried colorful leaves into the fire pit, lit the fire, and collected some wood to keep it burning.

Before darkness set in he decided to take down the erected tent close by. As he preformed the task he told me of his friend Dave. He died this past July.

The two good friends spent the weekends in the Spring, Summer, Fall for two years clearing a bit of land while building Rob's hide away. They installed stairs leading to a front porch and two large storm windows. Inside the wood floor, a small kitchen, sitting area with a workable wood stove and a handcrafted cedar ladder that leads to a loft for sleeping.

The existing timber frame custom built home on the small acreage offers peace, quite and comfortable living conditions.

Building his hide away gave him one of his most rewarding experiences. Rob's friend Dave had worked closely with him to make the construction process go smoothly. He said he's never been happier then when he had his friend spent time working and laughing together side-by-side.

At the end of the story as I helped him fold the tent he told me he plans to pitch the tent in the coming years in the early spring in his friends memory. I agreed his friend would appreciate the gesture.

Time came to take the pictures we came for. Rob grabbed the camera. I sat by the crackling fire. I asked out loud if it is Dave's will to appear on film please do. A few seconds later Rob snapped a picture. He brought the camera for me to see what appeared in the frame.

In the photo a luminous entity made itself visible floating beside me.

We are pleased and excited to think his friend appeared. We like to believe Dave returned to a place he loved during his life.

Angie has been a student of the magical arts since 1996. Her interests include tarot, and other forms of divination, astrology, spell-casting, healing and spirituality, mythology, folklore, and fairy tales. She is the author of On the Edge, and coming soon No Reins. Available at Her websites,,


Adsila said…
What a sweet story... I bet his spirit is still hanging around.
Elk999us said…
Nice story...But a photo of blue smoke above a wood fire that's burning..Uh no..
That would mean every time we go RVing and make S'mores the fire-pit is haunted,as there is always blue smoke over it..

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