Reader Submission - Full Bodied Apparition at the Doncaster Air Museum

The following account was sent in by Stu from Simply Ghost Nights:

The Full Bodied Apparition at the Doncaster Air Museum

Some years ago whilst taking part in a ghost hunt at Doncaster Air Museum, I was in a group of fellow ghost hunters in the middle of a vigil, just calling out for some form of spirit communication. We were sat in the large hangar that was said to be where the planes were repaired during the second world war, and prior to that had been Doncaster’s international airport.

The night was a cloudless summer night, it was also a rather mild time of the night too. The group was in good spirits all ready in anticipation for a night of ghost hunting, the adrenalin was starting to pump around the body of all of us. We were calling out for spirit activity when suddenly five of the group saw the solid mass of a human shape move directly pass the larger than normal doorway.

We immediately ran to the doorway to investigate who, or what had fleeted past the door, but not a soul was to be seen in the few seconds we had taken to reach the doorway they had literally disappeared.

From the whole area when we reached the doorway we inadvertently set off the security lights, but most shockingly outside the hangar there was pea gravel all around the area of the Air museum, which when the ghost hunters walked on it made an incredible noise that could be heard from our chairs in the hangar., however

We had heard no noise from the visitation we had all seen, and another sobering thought also materialised. The figure literally walked straight through the disabled hand rails that lead into the hangar doorway. As we added up all this information the cold realisation hit each and everyone of us that we had indeed been, very fortunate to have come within metres of a full bodied apparition.

I asked Alan who was staffing the air museum that night, whether anyone else could have walked by the doorway as the figure we had seen was much bigger than Alan’s, Alan stated that no one else was on the grounds as the gates were all locked and the high fencing was quite difficult to climb up and the security light would have come on in the event of someone walking in.

The group all commented that we must have indeed seen a full bodied apparition, as in all our endeavours to point to the figure being human, we could not see how it was possible for a human figure to walk by the security lights without setting them off, how no noise was heard from the figure walking on the surrounding pea gravel, and there was no trace or sign immediately after the incident. The ghost hunters who witnessed this still chat about the time, we all saw a full bodied apparition at Doncaster Air Museum.


travelwade said…
Interesting blog. That swing freaks me out and I'm not sure about running towards a full body aparition YIKES! In case you are interested in haunted lighthouses--we did a post this week on travelwade where I encountered a ghost. Later this week we will feature the ghosts that haunt Fort Barrancas.
Anonymous said…

I can treat your experience as a credible, as I have seen full bodied apparition under similar circumstances - i.e. the person couldn't possibly have disappeared within the time frame of the encounter. I am puzzled though that neither yourself nor your companions have given any description of what the person looked like, their clothing or general appearance. Can you add this information to your post?

Best//excupped contributes

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