Wordie House

The original Wordie House was built in 1935 and named after Scottish geologist and polar explorer Sir James Wordie who visited the site with the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Australian explorer John Rymill and his British Graham Land Expedition team constructed the hut from timber they transported to the Argentine Islands aboard the 'Penola.' They spent the entire winter of 1935 there before moving on to Marguerite Bay. This version of Wordie House was captured by the sea and swept away. A recent diving expedition of the channel adjacent to where it use to stand uncovered the ruins.

The second hut was built in January 1947 by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey. Meteorology was the most important scientific research carried out there. Recording instruments were housed in meteorological screens. The hut was extended in 1951 to include generator shed, office, store and toilet. It closed in May 1954 and operations were relocated to nearby Galindez Island where it continues 'til this day.

Today, the second original main hut Wordie House has undergone some restoration and designated under the Antarctic Treaty System as a historical site. It comprises a kitchen, office, storage room and bunk room along with supplies, books, a typewriter, journal and various other items left behind. Other surviving remains include the meteorological screen, flagpole and two "British Crown Land" timber sign boards (erected in 1947).

It is believed to be very haunted. Paranormal activity includes voices, shadows, banging, footsteps, and objects moving on their own.


Julie Ferguson said…
Josh Gates and Team Truth had interesting experiences there. I would love to see the place but not big on below zero temps.
Courtney Mroch said…
I'm with Julie. Was a neat place they discovered to investigate but a lot of hassle to get there and too cold for my liking! One Haunt Jaunt I won't be making! lol
Jessica Penot said…
I would love to see the place even in sub zero temps. I like the cold!
Unknown said…
Really liked the destination truth investigation there. They always have me lookin up more info on places after each episode it seems. (Same with GHOST HUNTERS ect)
Unknown said…
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