Win a Night in the Merchant House Museum

Want to spend a night in Manhattan's Most Haunted House? This may be your chance. The Merchant House Museum is hosting a lecture by Dan Sturges and a raffle. The Winner and a Guest will participate in a real paranormal investigation of the Merchant’s House Museum led by the Historic Paranormal Research team.

Merchant's House Museum, also known as the Old Merchant's House and the Seabury Tredwell House, was a Federal-style red-brick row house built in 1832 by Joseph Brewster and designed by Minard Lafever in Manhattan, New York City. Brewster lived in the house until 1836 when he sold it to Seabury Tredwell, a wealthy New York merchant, for $18,000. Seabury lived in the house with his wife, seven children, two boys and five girls, four servants, and an ever-changing assortment of other relatives.

Seabury died in 1865. The remaining family lived in the house until his youngest daughter Gertrude, who was born in the house in 1840, died in 1933. Three years after her death, the house became a museum. It is the only nineteenth century family home in New York City preserved intact, inside and out.

Seven of the Tredwell family died in the house. It is supposedly haunted mostly by Gertrude who in the later years of her life became obsessed with holding on to the family home in a part of New York City that had become run-down, semi-industrial, and disreputable. There have been reports of shadows, music from an unplayable piano, female spirit (Gertrude), footsteps, being poked, and voices.

Don Sturges and his group Sturges Paranormal have conducted numerous investigations in the Merchant House Museum since 2007. On May 14th at 7pm, He will discuss their time in the location as well as reveal photographic and audio evidence never before shared with the public. After a Q&A session, the evening will conclude with the raffle drawing.

The Raffle winner will help choose a mutually convenient Saturday night sometime this year to participate in a paranormal investigation. There will be a brief training session before a pizza dinner (courtesy of the Merchant House Museum). The investigation will begin at around 9 pm through the dead of night but raffle winner may stay as long as they wish.

Lecture tickets cost $20, $10 for Museum members (can be purchased here). Raffle tickets cost $5 or 3 for $10 (purchased here).


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