GS Question of the Week

Please examine the photo below:

Do you think it is paranormal or a hoax?


Anonymous said…
Nothing paranormal unless other photos provided from different angles to corrobarate what could possibly be or not be reflecting the light back to the camera off of a flash.

From this angle, it looks like some sort of a piece of rope or string, from the consistent twisted texture of it, dangling in front of the lense. The light refracting back could be explained as a reflection of light from the camera flash off a shiny surface in the concrete steps or something not totally in view of the camera. Light refraction can be very tricky.
Hawk said…
it looks like it could be greated by some fluk of the camrea perhaps a strand of hair or perhaps light streak caused by movement of the camera I've investigating the paranormal since 1974
Andrea Allison said…
Love how observant you all are. It's a hoax, done by accident. Taking pictures of the Supermoon. Forgot my camera was still on and accidentally took this picture. The movement caused the light streak. No hair on it and the strap wasn't in the way when the photo was taken.

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