Sneak Peek Tuesday - Haunted Collector Finale

On the season finale of Haunted Collector, lead investigator John Zaffis and his team are detecting outrageous readings on their EMF reader near a wall of swords. They suspect it could be because there’s something electrical in the wall behind the sword but that doesn’t seem to be the case which makes the sword even more suspicious. Tune in tomorrow at 8 pm CST to see just how haunted the sword may be.


Anna Barlowe said…
Season finale? Haven't there only been like, five episodes so far? Is that considered a season now? Sheesh. Too bad, I really like this show. :)
Adsila said…
The seasons are too short for many of the paranormal shows. I will be watching.
Andrea Allison said…
It's a new show. So, I wasn't expecting there to be a ton of episodes.

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