Jaded Sunburns

I want you to meet my new renter for this week. Born in Denver, Jade currently lives in Arizona with her husband and three kids. She is a SAHM, which is one of the hardest and rewarding jobs there is. She doesn't hide the fact that she is a little off her rocker, if you know what I mean. I respect that. Got to love someone who is up front about their senility. LOL But for real, she sounds like a cool and interesting person.

Ok back to the mission at hand. Jade posts openly about her life marriage, and anything else she likes or bugs her. And apparently, she gets real excited about snow and rain. Now, I can understand getting enthusiastic about snow since here in Oklahoma, we don't get much of it but the rain, I can do without most of it. Right now Jade's got a limerick contest going on at her blog: Jaded Sunburns. If you got talent for that sort of thing, check it out. Contest ends March 11.

How about y'all show her some love and check out her blog sometime. You won't regret it.


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