Three Men and a Ghost?

I'm sure you've all seen the popular 1987 film Three Men and a Baby. but how many of you know there's supposedly a "ghost" in the film? Where you ask. The little ghost boy can be seen in the scene where Jack's mother, Mrs. Holden, and Jack are walking around the apartment. If you look closely, you will see a little boy standing in front of the window behind the curtains.

Of course, there have been many rumors as to where this little boy came from. Some say he committed suicide with a shotgun in that apartment. With other variations, merely just mention how he died. The one I heard was that the little boy choked on a piece of food and died. Then, his parents moved out of the house, and he haunts the apartment, making his grand appearance in the movie.

According to Snopes, the truth is very much mundane. The boy is actually just a cardboard cutout for advertising reasons concerning part of the storyline about Jack in a dog food commercial. A prop that was accidentally left on the set. No real structures were used for interior scenes in the movie.

The rumor began shortly after the movie came out on home video. Most people think that the studio started the rumors in order to make more money with its' sequel Three Men and a Little Lady. It certainly isn't the only time someone has used supernatural mystery to gain publicity for a film. What do you think? Was it an honest mistake that got way out of control or a mistake that was used for profits?


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