Green Man Tunnel

There are a series of rail tunnels in western Pennsylvania. Only one, Green Man Tunnel is said to be haunted. The legend begins with a man who supposedly worked for an electric company. He was electrocuted by a down power line or struck by lightning. Some variations claim he died and now haunts the tunnel. Another states he was horribly disfigured and became a recluse. Others claimed his face glowed or was tinted green. It's believed that if you drive or go in the tunnel and call out his name, the green man will appear. Like some, there may be a degree of truth to this legend.

There was a man named Ray Robinson. On June 18, 1919 at the age of eight, he accidentally touched a high-voltage electrical trolley line which left his face disfigured. Locals called him "Charlie no face". He lived his life as a recluse and only came out at night. Teenagers would stop and talk to him along Route 351. They brought him beer and cigarettes. Some say his second nickname "The Green Man" had to do with the green hue of his face, but others claim it was because of the green plaid shirts he always wore. Mr. Robinson is described as being the kindest man they ever met. However, not everyone regarded with the same courtesy. Some played practical jokes on him, this legend may be the worst one of them all.

Despite it all, he lived to be 74, dying in 1985. While Ray Robinson has been viewed in a negative light due to this legend, if it is about him, a movie about his life may change it all. Tisha York is a resident of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, Ray's hometown, and is a producer in an independent film about "The Green Man". Let's hope this negative can be turned in to a positive.


Anonymous said…
100% the Green Man was real.
I grew up in the Yougstown/Warren Ohio area and went with some friends in my high school years and did see and talk to him. He truly was a nice man and did enjoy his beer and cigarettes.
Anonymous said…
The Green Man was my brother. We lived about a 1/2 mile from the tunnel. He and his friend used to paste weeds all over their bodies and wait for cars to come through the tunnel. They would jump out of the bushes and from the top of the tunnel.
Unknown said…
Actually my childhood friend lives next to green mans tunnel which is on piney fork rd in south park township. I lived in the neighborhood above it on sheplar dr ( you can google map these roads). There are two tunnels side by side on piney fork rd. The one you drive thru is corvette tunnel. A corvette crashed there and there was a death. The tunnel next to that tunnel is the official green mans tunnel. They now store salt in it and have since the the 90's. We would hang out there in the fall and make fires at night. No paranmoral activity to report unfortunately. Twitter me @djwmeyers

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