Deadly Number

In the 80s, Tommy Tutone scored a hit by making a phone number infamous. Another phone number has made headlines. In 2001, the former CEO of Mobitel, a Bulgarian mobile phone company, died of cancer. Despite the fact Vladimir Grashnov business record was spotless, rumors persisted his cancer was due to radioactive poisoning by the hands of a business rival. He was the first owner of the number 0888-888-888.

After his death, the number passed to Bulgarian mafia boss Konstantin Dimitrov. He took a trip to the Netherlands to inspect his £500 million drug smuggling empire. Unfortunately, he didn't return home with a pulse. Two years after the first suspected victim of the number's alleged power, Dimitrov was gunned down by a lone assassin, supposedly sent by his Russian rivals, while eating dinner with a model. He had the mobile on his person at the time of his death.

Konstantin Dishliev, an estate agent, received the number next. Dishliev secretly ran a massive cocaine trafficking operation. Two years later after Dimitrov's death, he too was assassinated outside an Indian restaurant in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. His death came after the police intercepted £130 million worth of the drug on its way in to the country from Columbia. The number remained dormant as the police investigating his death and his smuggling ring.

Today, the phone company have suspended the number. Upon dialing it, you will receive a recording stating “outside network coverage.” Was the number cursed or just an innocent victim?


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