GS Question of the Week

What do you think current paranormal reality shows lack? What kind of show would you like to see on TV?


Sharon Day said…
I don't want reality with newbies or celebtries ghost hunting or any other variation and I'm sick of the same team every week. I'd like to see different teams each week.
Julie Ferguson said…
The TAPS team doesn't seem to be as excited about ghost hunting like they did when they first started. Like Autumnforest said, mix up the teams. They need to get better recorder devices to hear those disembodied voices better.
Creepy said…
They should try experimenting with different technology, like on one episode of what I think was Paranormal State they used a really interesting device that picked up radio waves and used to to try and communicate with ghosts.

Also, having the video and audio evidence reviewed by experts in those fields would add a lot of credibility to the findings.

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