Witch's Grave

If you ever find yourself in a place called Liberty Hill, located in Northern Austin, TX, I suggest you make a stop at Bittick Cemetery. Most likely one grave will stand out among the rest. There are various legends attached to this grave. The general story begins with a black woman named Elizbeth Sampson. In the 17-1800s, this slave was accused of being a witch. However, such an accusation wasn't enough to seal the deal on her death. It is believed Elizbeth stole a horse in order to escape and was captured. As it was done in those days, prisons and juries were tossed away for a good ole hanging. The tree used still stands to this day (supposedly across from the cemetery). After being buried, "Was borne and dide, But remember as yo are passing by, Yo all shall die as well as I" was carved in to her headstone.

If you choose to visit her grave, you must bring an offering of some sort. It's believed if you don't, something devastating will happen to you. On Halloween night, people claim to hear the witch (a wailing as it is often described) and sometimes see her hanging in the tree of which she was hung from. Some say if you take her headstone and throw it in the nearby river and it is back in its rightful place the next day (though I don't recommend anyone actually testing this theory).


Anonymous said…
the headstone is returned because there is wilco officer guarding the grave that would return the headstone if someone tampered with it and removed it.
this legend is absolutely ridiculous. my boyfriend who lives nearby claims to have seen the rope but the rope wouldn't have survived 200+ years.
Anonymous said…
liberty hill is not in austin it is actully quite far from austin. My friends sister went to the grave she left a quarter and woke up to the quarter in her baby's crib with a rope like shape scratched in to washintons neck
Anonymous said…
I am a resident 5miles away from this cemetery.. Years ago my cousin and his 2 friends went to the cemetery, and one if the guys took the headstone and took of in his car.. He threw it off on san gabriel river in a place called the "bluehole". He then drive to his home, and right in front of his house he flipped his car,"of a supposely tire pop" and he got pinned with the steering wheel.. It caught fire and he burned to death.. He lived 300 feet by my house.. We saw his mother running towards the smashed car.. As she tried pulling him out, his flesh would come off his bones.. It was so crazy.. I saw with my own eyes.. The headstone was back the next day.. Very scary situation for me and my family never forget.. Neother do close by neighbors... I cant give anynames but i can prove this was true.. Look up the accident.. This happened on CR 200. Between 1994-1999.. I cant remeber the exact date

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