Catman's Grave

Situated at the end of a dirt road outside of Frankford, Delaware, a graveyard sprinkled with large trees is guarded by an entity called the Catman. His true identity, if he existed at all, is unknown. However, legend states he was a man with cat like features. He used to be a caretaker for this particular graveyard.

He would scare off teenagers who chose to party at the cemetery he took care of. When the Catman passed away, he was placed in an above ground tomb in the middle of the graveyard. Many have driven out to this location claiming to have found not only the grave but scratches on the walls of the tomb. Then there are those who have yet to find it. Many of the gravestones date back to the 1800s. Quite a few were buried in early 1918. And for some reason, there are two stones that face the woods at the back of the location. Not sure why.

The legend doesn't stop here. Many believe the Catman still keeps an eye on the graveyard.
They say if you drive out to the cemetery, go to a brick wall located behind it, and knock three times the Catman will appear and mess with your car. Prevents the engine from turning over. He'll even wander the graveyard in search of you.


table rentals said…
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Ron said…
This interesting story has elements as in that of the "Donkey Lady" of the San Antonio, Texas, area. She was disfigured in a fire said to have been set by her husband. She attacks people and their vehicles in roads and at the site of what is called Donkey Lady Bridge. Several stories about her are in a book called "Weird Texas."
fernando said…
wait, me and my 3 other cousins walked to that cementary on the night but we stopped halfway on the cementary road cause we had strange feelings and in onr particular are it got really cold and we went back to the house. we went again in daytime to see the tombs, we went in the woods to find the brick wall but we didnt see anything
eric burns95 said…
where is it exactly in frankford del aware we want to see it we are cat lovers and would like to visit the gravesites
Anonymous said…,+frankford,+de&hl=en&sll=38.509687,-75.245128&sspn=0.001457,0.00284&t=h&hq=long+cemetery,&hnear=Frankford,+Sussex,+Delaware&z=15

Zafo J.
Anonymous said…
From google maps it looked like nothing was there. Has anybody been there recently? And is anything still there? Thanks!

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