Ghost Catcher

I first heard about this piece of ghost hunting equipment from the TV show Celebrity Paranormal Project. The idea behind a Ghost Catcher a.k.a. Spirit Wind Chime is that the spirit will pass by and cause it to chime much like a wind chime does in the wind. You strategically place Ghost Catchers throughout the house away from drafts and wind. Of course, you can use a regular wind chime from a store, but try and get the ones made of the lightest material. If the arms are too heavy, it will not be affective outside or in any area where a breeze or wind is blowing.

You can make Ghost Catchers yourself. Take about 8 to 10 very thin strips of metal (about one inch wide and about 6 to 8 inches long). Put a hole in one end of each strip. Tie seperate strings to each strip. Leave about 6 inches of slack in the string and tie the other end of the strings to a pole or something that keeps the strips hanging down. Tie them about one half inch apart on the pole. The strips shouldn't touch each other but shouldn't be very far apart either. Hang the pole from the ceiling or in a doorway. I know that some people paint the strips with glowing paint to make them easier to see at night or in the dark. Any variation on a wind chime will work. For the best results make several ghost catchers and put them at different spots throughout a house.

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