Real or Fake?

Every once in a while, I browse the video clips at YouTube; I can't help seeing what ridiculous things people post there. Anyways, I found a few clips on supposedly ghost footage and decided to share them here and get your opinions. They are all pretty short clips except for the last one. So, if you have dial-up like me it won't take very long to load.

Clip 1: This one is of a "ghost" crossing the road. I don't know if it's fake. It doesn't really look like a fake to me.

Clip 2: This clip I've seen a couple times. First one was on the Montell Williams show. He had Sylvia Brown as a guest and she claimed that the woman in the video had recently died from a car accident and since moved on. Now, I watched a different show (can't remember the name) that easily re-created it with a toy tied to a string, swinging it around in front of the camera. This time it is being shown on ABC news along with a testimonial from the witness who supposedly first saw it and an examination of it from a paranormal investigator. I'm kind of on the fence with this one. I'm not sure if it is real or fake.

Clip 3: This is a scene from the TV show Ghost Hunters. It's from the episode where they investigated the Crescent Hotel and caught an interesting image on their thermal camera. Now keep in mind. TAPS goes in to DISPROVE a haunting and they couldn't come up with an explanation for this one.


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