Reader Submission - Interesting Hunting Trip

Last week, I spoke of a nice lady who asked to remain anonymous. She share one of her experiences with us. It seems her father had quite a few ghost tales of his own. She kindly emailed one to me:

"The story takes place right in the area I live in now. The story probably happened when he was a little boy because he said it happened to his father. That would be about the l920's. My grandfather and a group of his hunting friends set out one night with their hunting dogs to go "coon hunting". The group went hunting in a completely isolated stretch of woods that he said was located about l0 miles away from civilization, people, or homes. After a while in the woods the dogs started barking loudly and excitedly. The dogs had gathered around a tree where they looked up, barking ferociously. Thinking the dogs had "treed a coon", the hunters ran to the spot with their lanterns. They didn't have flashlights then; they carried lanterns.

The hunters lifted their lanterns as high as they could up into the tree to find the "coon". Much to their horror, they saw a little boy up in the tree, sitting on a limb. The little boy was wearing what my daddy said was a "blue serge suit" (what it was called in those days). My grandfather said the little boy's hair was very black and combed just perfectly and he looked as if he were dressed for Sunday School. The boy looked to be about 8 or 9 yrs. old and just looked down on the men, smiling.

It was said that all the hunters were so terrified they broke and ran away as fast as they could. They never spoke a word to one another as they fled in fear. It was only until the next day that the men finally met to talk about what had happened to them. No explanation was ever found for the mysterious little boy seen that night sitting up in a tree."


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