Ghost Watcher

AOL News did their own version of the Top 10 Weird Webpages list which included sites dedicated to men with long hair, a rapping dentist and toilet seat art. Another one that made the list is a webcam site called GhostWatcher. 37 webcams constantly monitor selected hidden spaces in a New York City apartment.

On the website, it states that the purpose of the ghost cams are to help the inhabitant June sleep better at night. Personally, I don't see how knowing your apartment is haunted is going to help you sleep at night except giving you knowledge of what causes the abnormal sounds. I guess that can give you some peace of mind but it doesn't make the sounds go away.

I reviewed some of the reports that have been already made and some are quite interesting. With others, I couldn't see what the reporter was claiming to see in the webshots. Maybe you all can. I'm curious. For those who watch ghost cams, have you ever actually spotted something unusual worthy enough to report? I've tried watching them and I never see anything.

Below is the link and I'll had it to the list of ghost cams on the sidebar.

Ghost Watcher


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