Reader Submission - A Woman in White

I received an email from a very nice lady who has asked to remain anonymous. She has shared two of her experiences with the paranormal. Below is one:

Before my daughter was born and about 1970, I was spending two weeks with my husband's great-aunt. My husband was a drill sergeant in the Army and was away for summer camp. Her large, red-brick two-story home was custom decorated, and upstairs in the bedroom where I was to sleep, large furniture filled the room. The room was very large and the whole room was totally unlike anything I had ever been in, much less spent the night in! His aunt was wealthy and her life was unlike the way I had been raised. We were poor, didn't have big beautiful things, and life in my childhood home didn't leave much to one's imagination.

One night while I thought I was asleep in the room, my eyes suddenly opened. I looked toward the doorway and saw a beautiful woman dressed in white. She appeared to be holding something in her right hand. I was interested in what it was, but could never really see what it was. The woman had brown hair and beautiful creamy skin. She continued to walk toward me as I was lying on the pillow on the bed. I grew frightened by the second as she came closer to my bedside. Finally, she stood close by my right side and as she bent over toward me slightly, she looked right into my eyes and just continued to stare at me.

Realizing the woman looked completely real to me, just as real as a real person, I remember explicitly that I MUST remember what this woman looks like. I was alert enough to know how important this was and that I must memorize as much as I could about her. And I remember looking at her in detail, her hair being perfectly combed and styled, her smile and face so beautiful. I was too amazed for a moment to scream or be afraid. I tried my best to make mental notes of what was happening. I feel sure that to have the kind of intelligent, alert thoughts that I was having that the experience had to be real.

When I had looked at the woman for as long as I could, and realized finally that apparently she was not going away, that she was just staring down at me and smiling, something happened to make me want to scream, to make her go away. But when I tried to scream nothing came out. I felt paralyzed. I continued to try to scream, tried as hard as I could. Then I suddenly screamed loud and long, frightened as never before in my life.

I woke my husband's aunt and sister with my screams. They came running into my bedroom. The aunt told me to sleep in the bed with my husband's sister in her bedroom. So I slept in her bed that night and no other incidents occurred. In the morning at breakfast I told them "a nurse" came into my room holding something in her hand. The two women never commented on what happened to me. They never pursued it and never brought it up again, and neither did I. But there is no way I will ever forget the lady I saw. It's still as clear to me today as the day it happened.

If you have had a paranormal experience and would like to share it here, send your story to paranormal_stories2004 @ (without the spaces) with "Submission" in the subject line.


Anonymous said…
that is freaky and weird. but i have a question, did you ever tell your husband about it?
Anonymous said…
Personaly I loved that story it was freakin AWESOME I love scary stuff like that I am 11 and hope to see you put more stories on the website. I totally believe that woman in white is real.

love <3,
??????? (female)
Anonymous said…
I live in Idaho, and I am a 19 year old female, and I have seen this woman! If not her, another woman in white. I started renting a small studio apartment on the top floor of an old building. One night I was laying in my bed looking towards my kitchen, and I saw a white orb float from the top right corner as it hit the middle of the floor it began to create the form of a woman in white, she had darker hair pulled back and a sad looking face, she looked at me for about 30 seconds and them it looked like she floated out the nearby window. Since then I constantly wake up to the feeling that someone is watching me, and have seen and felt the image once more. I dont know how to help her, but i also and getting scared because she seems to get closer and closer and it almost feels like she is trying to tell me something. Anything you could say to help? What should I do in this situation.
Anonymous said…
I think that you should ask her what is wrong... i believe she will find a way to tell you and that yu should accept. i believe that she is searching for someone to find out the truth of her death.
They say that te spirit does not move on until they have finished what they started. so next time you see her ask! it wont hurt to do so!
Anonymous said…
ok listen,please i need you to remember what exactly was in her hand,and if you heard something like a thunder,someone crying... outside of the room.
oh and did you saw any kind of tatoo on her left palm?
i might sound,a litle crazy but this is realy important.
Anonymous said…
This is bullshit
Unknown said…
This is so true. If the item was small and long it most likely a scaple. She was doing something to your vocal cords. It has happened to me twice in the past 4 years. She was beautiful and looked so gentle. She stood over me for what felt like hours but it was only 30 sec to a min.

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