Gris Gris Bag

I was watching tonight's episode of Supernatural about a haunted hotel and Hoodoo. At first, I thought they were saying Voodoo but no it was Hoodoo. If you don't know the difference between the two, I'll tell you but not in this post.

This post is about how to make a Hoodoo charm called a Gris Gris bag. I'm sure they are used for many different reasons but I was able to find a couple of recipes at Fullmoon Magic. Below are three:

Home Protection

Red flannel or chamois bag
Tablespoon of Five Finger Grass
Tablespoon Bay Leaf
Large Clove of Garlic
Small piece of Mandrake Root
Iron nail
Protection oil to anoint bag

Stopping Gossip

Red Flannel or chamois bag
A piece of cloth with a face drawn on it
Some hair from the person who will wear the bag
A piece of High John the Conqueror root
Tablespoon of Slippery Elm
1/2 Tablespoon Gag root
A needle and black thread
Gris Gris Faible Incense to burn while preparing the bag

During the ritual preparing the bag you will use the thread and needle to sew shut the mouth on the face drawn on the cloth to represent people keeping their mouths shut.

To Obtain Money

Red flannel or chamois bag
A coin or two
A small pair of lodestones
A Buckeye
Tablespoon Five Finger Grass
Teaspoon Money Drawing powder
Teaspoon Silver Weed
Shower of Gold Incense to burn while preparing the bag, Money Drawing oil to anoint the bag.

I'm sure if you go to your local botanica, they will help you with the herbs that you need. Now, the satchet you can make yourself. Fullmoon Magic's website has directions and even a diagram to help you with that. While you are there, take a look at the other information provided. The Herbal Sleep Pillow looks pretty interesting to me. I might have to try making one of those.

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