The Ark, The Shroud and Mary

A New Book and Documentary Places the Shroud of Turin Back into the First Century AD
Author to tour in Sydney, Australia 26th May - 4th June

"sure to ignite a firestorm of controversy "

The new book and DVD, The Ark, The Shroud and Mary by best selling author Philip Gardiner places the Shroud back into the first century AD and explains how it was made. Using cutting edge science and the latest information on quantum physics, Gardiner explains how the individual whose image the Shroud represents was in an extreme state of euphoria brought on by intense beating and near death experience, which caused neutrons to escape atoms and hence causing neutron radiation burns on the linen. With the added implication of anointing fluid the radiation was magnified and affected the carbon dating of the 1980's.

But, that was not all. Gardiner wanted to know who the man was and, as he explains in the book, he ran into some remarkable new evidence in a secret meeting in Portugal with an ancient Brotherhood. This evidence points to the existence of the Knights Templar or warrior monks over 1000 years prior to the established beliefs and it was this dual Brotherhood - the warriors and the pure ones - who formed the biblical tales and recreated the Ark of God - the presence of the Divine - within the Shroud itself. Gardiner's trail leads him through Egypt, Ethiopia, Jerusalem and even India as he works through the facts and fables of the Ark of the Covenant and the myths of Mary.

Establishing the date for the Shroud of Turin
Revealing how it was made
Uncovering the Ark of the Covenant today
Bringing an ancient Brotherhood
into the spot light
Describing the ancient and sacred truths that spawned
their existence
The Ark, The Shroud and Mary is a work of profound importance for people of all faiths or none and has already sparked a debate of intensity.

"I will never read the Bible or see the Shroud in the same way again - simply mind blowing."Rev. John Sinclair, Prague

"I was stunned that this writer can reveal these secrets and get them into the marketplace in the USA. Somebody is asleep at the switch of censorship and surely this magnum opus will not be overlooked for long. Once the word is out this book will be banned, burned, and/or buried in the vaults of the Vatican again! Read the most comprehensive manuscript on hidden knowledge since the Dead Sea Scrolls were released decades ago; yet sure to ignite a firestorm of controversy in orthodox circles, too, as well as a celebration of consciousness in unorthodox ones. This is such a marvelous time to be alive on planet earth when the truth is sweeping the lies clean as if it were a flood of biblical proportions!" Dr. John Jay Harper is author of the bestseller Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century

The DVD is released by Reality Films, part of Reality Entertainment and along with the book will be available across the internet stores and distributed throughout Barnes and Noble with front of store placement. For more information call USA 866 585 1355 toll free or email The authors website is

The author is in Sydney, Australia 26th May - 4th June and will be available for radio and TV. To book email Diane Harrison on


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