Myspace Teen Ghost

Myspace has gotten a lot of bad press thanks to pedophiles, gangs, etc. This urban legend ranks pretty low on the list. A story began circulating late last year about a girl who died in a sewer. The story included a warning. If you didn't repost this story on Myspace, the ghost of this girl would kill you. Of course, this one is not true.

What supposedly happened was a girl named either Carmen or Jessica was pushed down a sewer by five girls in her school. The purpose was to embarrass the girl, but instead, she broke her neck on the ladder and her side on the concrete bottom. The five girls told police that she fell and they believed them. If you didn't pass on the story, the ghost of the girl would come through the sewer, toilet, shower or whatever and get you or if you were sleeping, you would wake up in the sewer. Then, she would kill you by breaking your neck and peel skin off your face.

Snopes did a search and found no record of any teen girl dying in such a manner anywhere in the U.S. It was determined that this was nothing but a chain letter. I can kind of see why some may take this seriously because five teen girls pushing another one down a sewer to humiliate her and then take no blame for it sounds like something teen girls would do unfortunately.

I signed up for Myspace in January and I haven't gotten this one yet. However, if you are a member and your receive this, remember it's not real, it never happened and just delete it.

Source: Snopes


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