The Baketan Ghost Detector

Of all the equipment used to investigate ghosts, this one is a new one for me. I was surfing blogs one day and came across this one blog called Cutie Gadgets. Featured on the site at the time was a gadget called the Baketan Ghost Detector or Ghost Radar. This device was developed by a company in Japan. Apparently, it's very popular there.

How it works is when you are in a supposedly haunted place, you press the button. If it blinks three times and stops then there are no ghosts present. However, if it blinks red and makes a noise then there is a ghost somewhere near you.

I'm not sure if this thing actually works. The blog stated that it was tested at a haunted place in Japan and that it indeed does work. It looks like a fashion accessory to me. Considering, it comes in a small size and can decorate your mobile phone, I guess I'm not too far off.

After doing a Google search, I found an article on Associated Content, listing eight reasons why you shouldn't buy this product. All of them are very valid reasons. I think that this item is fine as a cell phone accessory but not as something you should hunt ghosts with.

What are your views on this little invention?

Source/photo: Cutie Gadget


Anonymous said…
My views are that you are taking this way to seriously. It's a stupid toy that is the natural by product of over hyped ghost hunting shows. nuff said... You may go back to your emf readings Dr. Venkman
VyZero said…
If you have android device, you can found the application named Ghostivity in Play Store. The new best Ghost Detector for Android, beside very accurate, also it have magnetic shock detector which another application doesn't have it. Just cost $0.99, You can give it a try :)
Anonymous said…
I bought this gadget too, and I really consider it like a toy.
But something weird occured one day : I put this baketan strap on the pouch which contains my ghost box (you know, a radio device which is used in paranormal investigations). I was cleaning my room, when I saw something moving besides me. The baketan strap was making a blue light. It has turned on by itself.
I took i as a sign to communicate with the spirits with the ghost box, that i forgot in the corner of my room for a while :)...
Sorry for my english, because I am french !

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