Marfa Lights

The Marfa lights or the Marfa Mystery Lights are unexplained lights (known as "ghost lights") usually seen near U.S. Route 67 on Mitchell Flat east of Marfa, Texas. The first confirmed report of the Marfa Lights dates to a 1957 magazine article. Earlier oral reports of the Marfa Lights have been attributed to Robert Reed Ellison in 1883. Mr. Ellison told his family about what he saw, but there have been no written accounts of the Marfa Lights before the 1950s.

Skeptics believe they are fake designed to attract tourists. Others say they are nothing but car lights or a mirage. I think that carlights may explain some reports but not all. I believe they are a natural occurrence. The above video clip from YouTube was filmed 1.5 miles outside the Marfa, TX city limits. You'll hear train and car sounds but they are behind the camera not in front. Decide for yourself what you think they are.


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