The Bawdy under the Bed

Urban Legend - After repeatedly complaining about the smell in their room, a couple staying in a hotel discovers the body of a murdered girl under their bed.

Can you imagine checking into a hotel while vacationing or after a long drive and discovering that foul smell present in your room is actually a decomposing body under the bed? It's unsure exactly which true account this legend derived from but more than likely it's true. This is a situation that happens more often than we would like to admit.

As time passes, details are always fudged. Most often the "Bawdy under the Bed" legend is usually set in Las Vegas with a man in the hotel room with questionable company. I guess that makes for a more scandalous story than a Beaver Clever type family finding a dead body in a small town motel. Allow me to venture into the actual tales of these gruesome discoveries.

In July 1996, a woman's body was found under a mattress in the Colorado Boulevard Travelodge in Pasadena, CA. The hotel staff discovered her ten days after her demise due to complaints made by guest about the smell.

In Mineola, New York in 1988, the body of 29-year-old Mary Jean DeOliviera was found in a box spring at the Oceanside Motel. Again, the body was discovered days later and only after guests complained about the smell. At least two other guests cohabited with the body before it was found and at least one refused to stay in that room because of the smell.

The moral in these stories is if you smell something awful in your hotel room have the staff find the source as soon as possible. I don't know how some people could stay in a room that smells so bad without contacting someone.

Source: Snopes


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